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Carlson - SonarMite Echosounder w/Carlson SurveCE

How to activate the depth sounder.

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Leica - Connecting Smartworx to SonarMite Echosounder

Tips on connecting the Leica Smartworx to the SonarMite Echosounder.
Filesize 1007 Kilobytes

Leica - SonarMite Echosounder w/Leica 1200 GPS System

Getting Started instructions in setting up your SonarMite Echosounder with the Leica 1200 GPS system.

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Leica - SonarMite Echosounder w/Leica Viva Controller

The Leica Geosystems Viva CS10 and CS15 controllers can be connected to an Echosounder by Bluetooth or by serial cable. The Ohmex ‘SonarLite’ legacy echo-sounder has a serial cable connection only; the SonarMite has both Bluetooth and serial options.

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Ohmex TideM8 Tide Gauge User Guide

Includes product description, configuration, and installation instructions

Filesize 6.40 Megabytes

Seafloor - 1a-HydroLite™ Quick Start Manual (long version)

A quick start manual to using the HydroLite-TM™. Includes instructions for the SonarMite™, GPS antennas, sound velocity charts, as well as troubleshooting tips. Long version, 47 pgs / 6 MB. Available on CD, or a printed version can be purchased.

Filesize 471 Kilobytes

Seafloor - 1b-HydroLite™ Quick Start Manual (short version)

This is the short version of our quick start manual, without appendices, for the HydroLite-TM™. Includes instructions for the SonarMite™ such as getting started, troubleshooting tips and HydroLite-TM schematic.
Filesize 3.59 Megabytes

Seafloor - 2a-EchoBoat-G2-RCV Quick Start Guide/User Manual

A quick start guide for the EchoBoat-G2-RCV.
Filesize 2.87 Megabytes

Seafloor - 2b-EchoBoat-ASV-G2 Quick Start Guide

A quick start guide for the EchoBoat-ASV-G2.
Filesize 174 Kilobytes

Seafloor - 2c-EchoBoat-G2 Schematic

A schematic showing the EchoBoat-G2 unmanned survey vessel.
Filesize 1.17 Megabytes

Seafloor - 3a-HyDrone-RCV Quick Start Guide/User Manual

A quick start guide/user manual for the original HyDrone-RCV.
Filesize 1.36 Megabytes

Seafloor - 3b-HyDrone-G2-RCV Quick Start Guide/User Manual

An updated quick start guide/user manual for HyDrone-G2-RCV.
Filesize 2.87 Megabytes

Seafloor - 3c-HyDrone-G2-ASV Quick Start Guide

A quick start guide to set up the updated HyDrone-G2™ ASV with AutoNav™ and Mission Planner application.
Filesize 366 Kilobytes

Seafloor - 4a-SonarMite Android App

Basic instructions to set up the SonarMite Android App designed to work with the SonarMite Bluetooth echosounder

Filesize 1.22 Megabytes

Seafloor - 4b-SonarMite™ Drivers for Total Access

Instructions for installing SonarMite™ drivers for Trimble Total Access Field Software. For more information on Trimble's Docushare ...
Filesize 127 Kilobytes

Seafloor - 5a-Sound Velocity in Freshwater

Speed of sound in freshwater, measured in Celcius and Fahrenheit

Filesize 42 Kilobytes

Seafloor - 5b-Sound Velocity in Seawater

Speed of sound in Seawater @ 35 PPT/mile

Filesize 1.08 Megabytes

Seafloor - Telemetry Quick Start Guide

Instructions and illustrations for setting up Seafloor's Telemetry System.
Filesize 32 Kilobytes

Seafloor - WCom32 Software

This is a zipped file that contains WCom32.exe

Filesize 870 Kilobytes

Topcon - Magnet

Magnet field basic setup for depth sounder.

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