Product Application Notes

Application Notes

Survey companies worldwide rely on Seafloor Systems' expertise to create a turnkey solution for the task at hand. Browse our clients feedback below to see how they were able to map the floors of lakes, streams, ponds, rivers, harbors and protected waters.

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Surveying a Contaminated Creek with a HyDrone-RCV

The project was to survey a creek underneath a roadway. The creek was contaminated and contained a lot of debris, making it dangerous for anyone to enter the water. It was still early Spring and the water was cold. As with all survey projects, they needed it yesterday.

We purchased a HyDrone-RCV and SonarMite MILSpec singlebeam echosounder, and expected good performance based on what we had heard. We expected to use only 1 person to run the equipment, which was the case in this project. 

The biggest obstacle we faced was the fact that all of the needed data was underneath a bridge. We used the SonarMite previously, but always with an RTK GPS. In this instance, we used our Trimble R-8 Robotic Total Station and came off of our existing control. We placed a 360 prism on the HyDrone-RCV, set the data collector up to continuously collect—and boom—we had it done in no time! Looking back, we are happy with everything about our purchase and results. Here is a link to our video showing the survey. Learn more about Prudent Engineering.

HydroLite-TM™ Singlebeam Echosounder Survey Pole Kit

HydroLite-TM™ imageThe '3D image' was from a project in Marion County, Florida.  Data was collected with a single frequency HydroLite-TM™ system on transects spaced approximately 5 feet apart. Data was processed in HYPACK and exported to Surfer for contouring. Click for more information on GeoView.
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