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California Surveying and Drafting Supply announces partnership with Seafloor Systems, Inc.

SACRAMENTO, CA, Tuesday, April 24, 2018

CSDS and Seafloor Systems have announced a strategic agreement that will name California Surveying and Drafting Supply as Seafloor’s California distribution, rental, and integration partner for Seafloor’s range of hydrographic surveying and Unmanned Surface Vehicle products. Seafloor President, John Tamplin, stated:

“CSDS is the premier GNSS provider in the State of California and we are extremely pleased to be working with them.” 

The partnership was formed to provide CSDS, a reseller of Trimble navigation products, a compatible bathymetric solution for ‘on-water’ surveying. Primarily, CSDS will be selling, renting and providing demonstrations of Seafloor’s HyDrone Unmanned Surface Vehicle paired with their HydroLite TM echosounder system. The systems are compatible with any Trimble GPS and data collector, providing CSDS customers with a convenient, affordable solution to enable them to conduct surveys on water.
California Surveying & Drafting Supply is a leading provider of geospatial tools, technology and training for businesses and government agencies throughout California. Over the past 30 years, CSDS has sold, serviced, and supported high-tech precision instruments to the AEC industry including drones, 3D laser scanners, mapping and survey-grade GNSS receivers, robotic total stations, 3D printers, wide format printers, and more. Their technology solutions span the land, sea, and air, capable of detecting underground objects, taking both terrestrial and aquatic measurements, and surveying from the sky.

Seafloor Systems Introduces Its EchoBoat-G2 Survey Boat for Inspection, Asset Protection and SAR Surveys

Shingle Springs, California, February 2, 2017—Seafloor Systems, Incorporated, a provider of customized hydrographic mapping solutions for the Survey and Civil Engineering communities, has designed the EchoBoat-G2™ Unmanned Survey Vessel (USV) that can execute survey missions via remote control or semi-autonomous, utilizing our modified Mission Planner Drone software. With our AutoNav™ auto pilot module, the operator can pre-plan survey waypoints, upload via RF to the vehicle, and the EchoBoat drone will automatically execute the mission, going from waypoint to waypoint, then return to base.

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Government and private organizations can inspect, secure, and maintain harbors worldwide with the EchoBoat-G2 USV integrated with a Sidescan Sonar, Multibeam sonar system, or real-time 2D/3D imaging sonar. Conventional survey boats are expensive to maintain, operate, and often have limited access to specific areas of interest. With the EchoBoat- G2™ it is now possible for Harbor Patrol and Port Police to run regular surveys, impromptu post-storm/event debris mapping, or routine inspection survey missions—all via remote control and Laptop on the dock.

Port and harbor management can efficiently and reliably search for sunken vessels, lost tools, objects, and debris, on the bottom. The search for objects, threats, and contraband, attached to walls or vessels, can be located easier and more safely, with the EchoBoat Unmanned Survey Vessel.

The lightweight, portable, multi-payload vehicle comes with lifetime support. It is made from quality non-corrosive materials and includes efficient dual-DC thrusters and an internal plug-and-play survey deck to seamlessly install a variety of sonar and navigational monitoring equipment. The design offers ease of control, flexibility, and repeatability—allowing Harbor and Port personnel to collect and analyze important data to ensure the safety and security of harbors and ports in their region.

To arrange a demonstration in your area, or for more information, call (530) 677-1019 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Seafloor Adds A Second SeaBat T50-P MBES To Their Rental Pool


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Shingle Springs, California, June 3, 2016—Seafloor Systems is pleased to announce the addition of a second SeaBat T50-P to their multibeam echosounder rental pool. The SeaBat T50-P was launched in 2015 as the new addition to the leading SeaBat T-series product range engineered from the ground up to evolve with your business. Combined with the Portable Sonar Processor the SeaBat T50-P provides unprecedented survey data, providing faster operational surveys and reduced processing time.

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Seafloor's In-Water Demonstration at Oceans ’16: EchoBoat-ASV with NORBIT iWBMBc Multibeam System Integrated with INS/SVP

Shingle Springs, California, August 16, 2016—Seafloor Systems, Incorporated, a provider of specialized survey equipment to the Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey community, will conduct live demonstrations of their EchoBoat-ASV with integrated multibeam echosounder during the Oceans ’16 Exhibition in Monterey, California.

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