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John TamplinSeafloor Systems is a customer-driven corporation, led by veteran U.S. Navy Hydrographer, John Tamplin. Our company cautiously invests in new technology, developing custom off-the-shelf solutions for our clients. We offer a full spectrum of hydrographic survey equipment through integration, support, and training—ensuring your success.

We specialize in the geophysical sector for survey companies worldwide. Since inception in 1999, we have built the largest rental pool of multibeam echosounder equipment in the U.S.

From system design and integration through installation, training, and after sales support, we are committed to delivering on time, under budget and within specifications.

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Our Focus…

  • Turnkey Hydrographic Survey Solutions

Our largest niche is the development and manufacturing of hydrographic survey equipment. Included are the HydroLite-TM (portable bathymetric survey pole kit), HyDrone-RCV and HyDrone-ASV (remotely and autonomously controlled bathymetric survey catamaran platforms), and Echo Boat-ASV (remotely and autonomously controlled surface vehicle). Our turnkey solutions are ideal for surveying narrow rivers and streams, ponds and lakes, shallow waters, and sheltered harbors.

  • Turnkey Multibeam Systems

Our rental pool of multibeam echosounder equipment includes turnkey multibeam systems for shallow to medium-water depths (1-3000m). Check our available systems.

  • Data Acquisition

We have software systems from Triton Imaging, HYPACK, Chesapeake Technology, and Caris. Our data processors can process data from multibeam echosounders, side scan sonars, magnetometers, and subbottom profilers acquired in most common formats such as XTF, Q-MIPS, .ALL, .HSX, SEG-Y and many more.

  • Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to survey companies worldwide—a full spectrum of equipment, integration, software, personnel, training, and support. For information contact us.

  • Rental Equipment

We maintain a full range of rental equipment from many manufacturers so that we can provide our clients with a package that is familiar and meets their individual needs. Check our Rental Pool.


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