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Kongsberg EM-3002

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Kongsberg EM-3002
The EM 3002 is an advanced multibeam echosounder with extremely high resolution and dynamically focused beams. It is suited for detailed seafloor mapping and inspection with water depths between 0.5 and 150 meters. Due to its electronic pitch compensation system and roll stabilized beams, the system performance is stable even in foul weather conditions.

• Full swath width accuracy to the latest IHO standard
• Swath width up to 10x water depth (em 3002D) or 200M (cold oceanic water)
• Depth range from < 1 meter to > 200 meters
• Bottom detection b y phase or amplitude
• 100% bottom coverage even at more than 10 knots vessel speed
• Real-time ray bending and attitude compensation
• Seabed image (sidescan) data output
• Sonar heads for 500 or 1500 meters depth rating
• Water column data display window + logging (optional)

Kongsberg EM 3002

 Kongsberg EM-3002